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The Roermond region is great for anyone looking for a fulfilling career. This is because the region is home to both large multinationals and medium-sized companies with interesting job prospects. What is even more important than the jobs on offer, is the great balance between work and your private life that you can experience here. Local employees enjoy a great work-life balance and get to travel to work swiftly by bike, car or public transport due to the close promixity of the businesses. Did we make you curious? Let us tell you more about working in Roermond.

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The Roermond region is home to hundreds of interesting companies, many of which are not just known regionally but also on an (inter)national level. Regardless of your industry of choice and expertise, we are confident that there are employers that match with your needs. The Roermond region is especially strongly represented in terms of companies in the healthcare sector, specialised manufacturing, logistics, retail and the leisure industry. Finding your next exciting challenge should therefore be absolutely feasable. We are happy to introduce you to some of the biggest and most promising companies in the region.

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Available jobs in Roermond

Curious which job opportunities are currently available at the best companies in Roermond? We handpicked some interesting job vacancies for you to discover. Scroll through the diverse range of jobs and find your next challenge in Roermond!

Gezocht: Proces Operator bij Sekisui Alveo
Gezocht: Proces Operator bij Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier
Gezocht: Junior Controller bij Sekisui Alveo
Gezocht: Monteur E&I bij Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier
Gezocht: Winkelmedewerker in Designer Outlet Roermond
Gezocht: Huishoudelijke dienst bij Resort Marina Oolderhuuske

Working at the bustling business parks

The interesting jobs in the Roermond region aren’t just nestled within the old city walls. The city is surrounded by 6 different business parks which are home to hundreds of companies as well. All of the 6 parks have their own distinct character. From business parks home to IT, automotive and service businesses to impressive industrial parks with manufacturing multinationals and logistics giants. We summarized the different parks for you in a way which shows the differences between the parks and the companies on them. Have a look yourself and learn more about the different business parks in the Roermond region.

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Frequently asked questions about working in Roermond

Where can I work in Roermond?

The jobs on offer in Roermond are truly diverse! You are welcome to join the many retail & leisure businesses in the historic city centre, the designer heaven known as Designer Outlet Roermond or manufacturing powerhouses like Cummins Emission Solutions, SEKISUI Alveo and ROCKWOOL. Regardless of your industry of choice, there are plenty of interesting companies to work for!

Are there any jobs related to tech and engineering?

Absolutely! Roermond acts as a major manufacturing hub for many large multinationals like SEKISUI Alveo, ROCKWOOL, Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier, apt Extrusions and many more. All of them require specialized technical knowledge and engineering expertise to operate. The products produced in the production plants in Roermond find their way to other businesses and customers around the world, so your contribution at these businesses has a big impact. Do not worry if you are not a skilled engineer, operator or tech specialist yet: nearly all companies in Roermond offer custom training programs for you to learn the skills you need.

Could I get a job in the local healthcare sector?

If you are proficient in Dutch to a certain degree, a career in the local healthcare sector could be feasable too. The regional hospital named Laurentius Ziekenhuis and healthcare provider Proteion have a large variety of fulfilling healthcare jobs. As nearly all clients are Dutch, you would need some Dutch language skills for most of these jobs.

Where can I find the current job vacancies?

We select some of the most interesting job vacancies at the companies in the Roermond region for you to discover. You can find them all here. Didn’t find your dream job? Discover the full range of jobs on offer directly at the career pages of the companies.