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Education in Roermond

The education of yourself (and your children) is, of course, incredibly important. Fortunately, Roermond has a diverse range of schools and educational institutions. Both primary and secondary education are amply represented in Roermond. Also, colleges and universities can be found in the Roermond as well. Thanks to excellent train and bus connections, the nearby cities and their universities are easily accessible. This makes the Roermond region a great education hub with a rich educational offering within and nearby the city. Find out more about learning and education in Roermond.

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Schools in Roermond

A school for pretty much any stage in life

Whether you are looking for a kindergarten for your little one or a secondary school for that young adolescent at home, Roermond has a wide range of options to choose from. The municipality is home to more than ten kindergartens, and there are plenty of primary schools nearby (within each living environment). As you can tell, there is no lack of choice with regards to education.

Primary schools in Roermond

There is certainly no shortage of primary schools in Roermond! In this municipality, there is almost always a primary school within walking or cycling distance. Discover the range of schools for yourself and read what makes each school unique.

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Secondary schools in Roermond

Roermond is also the right place for secondary education, regardless of the level of education (based on the Dutch secondary education system). Special education and new, innovative forms of education can also be found in Roermond.

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Higher education in Roermond

Finished secondary school? You don’t have to leave Roermond to pursue further education. Here you will find dozens of valuable, practical courses that are really necessary. Some shortened college studies are also available here. Discover them for yourself!

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Get to know the wide range of schools

Education in the region

Ranging from kindergartens to further education, there is a suitable educational establishment for almost everyone in Roermond. Check out the following featured schools in Roermond and the surrounding area to get a first-hand look at the education on offer.

BS St. Theresia

Maak kennis met basisschool St. Theresia in Boukoul!

OBS De Stapsteen

Maak kennis met Openbare Basisschool De Stapsteen in Herten!


Maak kennis met de Hubertusschool in Herten!

Basisschool Neel

Maak kennis met basisschool Neel

Bisschoppelijk College Broekhin

Maak kennis met Bisschoppelijk College Broekhin

Gilde Opleidingen

Maak kennis met Gilde Opleidingen

Yuverta Roermond

Maak kennis met Yuverta Roermond

Niekée Roermond

Maak kennis met Wings Niekée Roermond

Vrijeschool Christophorus

Maak kennis met Vrijeschool Christophorus

Basisschool de Zonnewijzer

Maak kennis met basisschool de Zonnewijzer

Basisschool De Steenen Brug

Maak kennis met basisschool De Steenen Brug

Basisschool Vincent van Gogh

Maak kennis met basisschool Vincent van Gogh

Islamitische Basisschool Roermond Alhambraa

Maak kennis met Islamitische Basisschool Alhambraa

ROER College Schöndeln

Maak kennis met ROER College Schöndeln


Maak kennis met de Synergieschool

Basisschool Lambertus

Maak kennis met basisschool Lambertus

Basisschool De Octopus

Maak kennis met basisschool De Octopus

NT2 Mundium College

Maak kennis met NT2 Mundium College

Roermond Station

Vanuit het station van Roermond ben je razendsnel op je werk, hogeschool of universiteit dankzij prima treinverbindingen met de nabijgelegen steden.
Eindhoven: 60 minuten (trein)
Venlo: 30 minuten (trein)
Maastricht: 40 minuten (trein)
Sittard: 30 minuten (trein)
Wide selection of primary schools
Secondary and higher education nearby
Specialized and customized education available too
Roermond as an education hub in the region

No obstacles for further education

After successful completion of primary and secondary education in Roermond and its surroundings, choices for further education are within reach. In Roermond, you can follow important and much sought-after practical courses at Gilde Opleidingen, CIVIL and Yuverta. Thanks to excellent train connections, you can also reach the cities of Venlo, Eindhoven, Maastricht or Heerlen from Roermond in just half an hour. Roermond is therefore also an ideal base for further education. Check Roermond’s convenient location right here and read on to discover further education in Roermond.

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Frequently asked questions about education in Roermond

Which primary schools are there in Roermond?

The primary schools in Roermond are top notch! In fact, within this municipality, there is almost always a primary school within walking or cycling distance of your living environment. Your children are very welcome at primary schools such as BS Neel, the Montessori school and BS De Zonnewijzer, among others.

Which secondary schools are there in Roermond?

With secondary schools such as BC Broekhin, Yuverta and Wings Agora, there is a suitable school nearby regardless of your preferred style of education.

How about further education in Roermond?

After secondary school, your children can take interesting, practical courses at Yuverta and Gilde Opleidingen. From Roermond, you can also get to the region’s colleges and universities very quickly by bus or train.

Special education in Roermond?

There is also excellent special education available in Roermond! With schools such as the Herman Broerenschool, the Synergieschool and De Ortolaan, there are institutions specialized in education for children who need a little bit more attention and care.