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Roermond feels like home. Residents of this region recognize this feeling: living in Roermond isn’t simply the ownership of a house. You are part of a community and enjoy a great work-life balance. Roermond and its surroundings give you the chance to live centrally, spaciously and with plenty of nature around the corner. We can boast about living in Roermond all day, but we would rather let you experience it yourself. Learn more about the different towns, districts and neighbourhoods of this region and find a residential area that fits with your wishes and lifestyle.

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For anyone new to Roermond, it might be challenging at first to get to know the different towns, districts and neighbourhoods. We made a map that shows you the different geographical locations of the most prominent districts of the region. Go ahead and make use of this interactive map and find out more about the living environments and their ammenities. We are sure it will give you a great first impression of what Roermond has to offer in terms of living environments.

Towns, districts and neighbourhoods

Wonen in Herten

Kom meer te weten over wonen in Herten!

Wonen in de binnenstad

Kom meer te weten over wonen in de Roermondse binnenstad!

Wonen in Maasniel

Kom meer te weten over wonen in Maasniel!

Wonen op de Donderberg

Kom meer te weten over wonen op de Donderberg!

Wonen in Hoogvonderen

Kom meer te weten over wonen in Hoogvonderen!

Wonen in Swalmen

Kom meer te weten over wonen in Swalmen!

Wonen in Leeuwen

Kom meer te weten over wonen in Leeuwen!

Wonen in Boukoul

Kom meer te weten over wonen in Boukoul!

Wonen in de Kemp

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Living in an environment of your choice

Whether you prefer to live in a bustling urban environment or rather enjoy the peace and tranquility of a village, Roermond has a town, district, or neighbourhood that meets those needs. This medium-sized municipality offers vibrant neighbourhoods that are within a few minutes of walking distance from the shopping streets, but it also has peaceful villages in which you will find all the ammenities that you ever need. Regardless of your living environment of choice, you always end up living centrally with shops, restaurants, employers, education, sports, culture, healthcare, and nature within reach. Each town, district, and neighbourhood has its own distinct character. Don’t be afraid to discover them yourself and find out which area fits your lifestyle best. We were able to summarize them just for you, so scroll down to discover them all.

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Get to know all local towns, districts and neighbourhoods

Living in Herten

  • Popular village with plenty of amenities.
  • Peaceful living in an environment with many recently constructed homes.
  • Generally speaking more of a high-end town in terms of home prices.
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Living in Maasniel

  • Central town near the city centre with a big variety of homes.
  • Home to a lot of different amenities (shops, sportclubs, schools).
  • Comfortable, cozy and friendly town popular with all age groups.
Discover more about living in Maasniel

Living in de Donderberg

  • Neighbourhood with a rich diversity of cultures.
  • Plenty of amenities in its direct surroundings.
  • Great place for starters as well as (young) families.
Discover more about living in de Donderberg

Living in Swalmen

  • Friendly village home to many loyal, engaged inhabitants.
  • Both plenty of amenities and beautiful nature (forests, water) within the town borders.
  • Great accessability due to their own train station and connection with the highway.
Discover more about living in Swalmen
Wonen in Hoogvonderen Roermond

Living in Hoogvonderen

  • Great neighbourhood with sufficient amenities.
  • Practical geographical location and with affordable homes.
  • Easily accessable via the most common routes.
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Wonen in de binnenstad

Living in the historic city centre

  • Countless amenities (shops, restaurants, services) within walking distance.
  • Homes for sale and for rent in a more premium price bracket.
  • Comfortable location to travel from and to due to the great public transport.
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Wonen op De Kemp

Living in De Kemp

  • Neighbourhood home to a lot of cultures, shops and other amenities.
  • Loads of sustainable, renovated areas with social welfare homes for rent.
  • Primary school in its own neighbourhood and other education nearby.
Discover more about living in De Kemp

Living in Leeuwen

  • Village-like but still centrally located.
  • The most important amenities comfortably within reach.
  • Large business park with plenty of job opportunities on walking distance.
Discover more about living in Leeuwen
Wonen in Boukoul

Living in Boukoul

  • Pretty and peaceful living in nature.
  • Close, local community of around 1000 inhabitants.
  • Own primary school in the village, many amenities nearby.
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Moving to Roermond

Did you bite the bullet and decide to move to Roermond? Great to hear! There are a few practical things that you should keep in mind for your move to Roermond. Take, for instance, the official procedure that you have to follow at the municipality of Roermond. We were able to keep this short and sweet for you to take a look at. Discover for yourself what you need to do in order to make your move as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Read our tips for moving to Roermond

Frequently asked questions about living in Roermond

Where can I live in Roermond?

Despite being a medium-sized municipality, the Roermond region has a lot of diverse living environments to offer. From living in the vibrant city centre to the upscale village of Herten and the peaceful and amenity-rich towns of Maasniel and Swalmen to districts like De Donderberg and De Kemp. Discover the different areas yourself!

Can I rent a place in Roermond?

It is absolutely possible to rent a place in Roermond. There are different types of houses and apartments for rent. These can be split between social housing and private sector housing. With regards to social housing, get in touch with housing associations such as Wonen Zuid and Wonen Limburg, which own and maintain most of the social housing in the Roermond region. With regards to housing in the private sector, it works best to make use of your own social network and discover the availability of houses and apartments in various places online.

Is housing in Roermond affordable?

The word ‘affordable’ can be interpreted in various ways. However, objectively speaking, the Roermond region is a lot more affordable compared to its bigger city neigbours such as Eindhoven and Maastricht. Within the borders of the municipality, the town of Herten generally demands higher prices, whereas other towns, districts, and neighbourhoods such as Swalmen, Maasniel or Leeuwen tend to be more affordable.