Sightseeing Roermond

Roermond is a city with a rich history, many sights and a protected cityscape. There is plenty to admire and visit both in the city centre and in the surrounding area. Many sights are completely free to visit and easy to reach on foot. The sights in the city centre are close together. Therefore you can see and do a lot on 1 day. Discover the must sees in Roermond on this page…

Marvel at the historic city centre

Of particular note is the influence of Roermond’s Pierre Cuypers, grand master of neo-Gothic architecture and government architect of the late 19th century. Thus, he is present in bronze on ‘his’ Munsterplein. Walk from one monument to another (e.g. with a city walk) and marvel at the old trading houses. In between, settle down together on the historic Market Square or  wharf and enjoy the atmosphere.

Take a look at the city map of Roermond.

Sightseeing Roermond

Munsterkerk Roermond


Sint Christoffelkathedraal

Grote Kerkstraat 2







Voorstad St. Jacob

Voorstad Sint Jacob


Swalmerstraat 100


Pierre Cuypersstraat 1


Neerstraat 11

Stadhuis met Carillon



Grote Kerkstraat 19

Stadspark de Kartuis



Hamstraat 20

Stenen Brug

Maria Theresia Brug


Stationsplein 10, 6041 GN Roermond, Nederland


Roerkade 1, 6041 KZ Roermond, Nederland

Nationaal Park de Meinweg

Nationaal Park de Meinweg, Meinweg 2, 6075 NA Herkenbosch, Nederland

Kapeller Kwartier

Parklaan 1, 6045 BS Roermond, Nederland

1. The Market Square

Imagine yourself in a different time period when you visit the Market Square. A visit to St. Christopher’s Cathedral is definitely worthwhile. Watch out for the statues on the Carillon (on top of the Town Hall), which rotate daily at noon. On Saturdays, you’ll find the extensive weekly market on the Market Square. And what makes this historical square perfect: there are several outside terraces where you can enjoy food & drinks including local speciliaties.

  • The entry to the cathedral is free. Discover various works of art, historically significant objects, the Bishop’s Seat and behold the many, beautiful stained-glass windows.
  • Open from Monday to Friday: 2 pm – 5 pm.
  • In the weekend  from  1 pm. till 5 pm.

2. Het Munsterplein

Marvel at the beauty of the church ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwe Munsterkerk’ (Romanesque architecture). Walk around the church too, it is not only beautiful from the front and inside. Have lunch/dinner at one of the surrounding restaurants or brasseries. And if you have a chance, take a look at the bustling Wednesday market.

  • A visit to the Munsterkerk is free.
  • In the months of April to October, you can visit the church daily between 2 pm. and 5 .pm.
  • During the winter, from November to March, the church is open every Saturday and the 1st Sunday of the month from 2 pm. to 5 pm.

3. De Roerkade & Voorstad St. Jacob

Meet the gathering place of restaurants, cafés and outside terraces: the Roerkade. Walk via the Stenen Brug to the Voorstad St. Jacob Roermond, an attractive part of town with beautiful houses and national monuments. This special suburb is a stopping place on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostella.

4. City cruise

Discover the city of Roermond and the beautiful Maasplassen, the largest continuous water sports area in the Netherlands. To really experience how big the Maasplassen area is and to enjoy your outing in a relaxed way, we highly recommend a city cruise (70 minutes). You can get on the boat in the centre of Roermond, at the Roerkade.

During school holidays, the shipping company sails daily and in summer often several times a day. After a cruise, you can go for a wonderful meal or drink in the restaurants and cafés on the waterfront near the Roerkade.

The city cruise does not sail from November till February.

Book your city cruise

5. City Park

Adjacent to the Carolus Chapel you find the City Park ‘Stadspark De Kartuis’, a beautiful walled park in the middle of Roermond’s city centre. The entrance to the park is located on Voogdijstraat. The park is home to a wealth of cultural and archaeological values: a monk’s cell has been excavated and made visible in the pavement and several devotional chapels from the 19th century are scattered around the grounds. Furthermore, the park is embellished by several modern and ancient statues.

Opening hours
1st May till 30 September 10 am to 6 pm
1st October till 30 April 10 am to 6 pm

6. Cuypershuis

The famous architect Pierre Cuypers died  over 100 years ago, fortunately his work can still be admired in many places in the Netherlands. For example:  the trainstation in Amsterdam en the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
But also in Roermond he has built and left traces. In Roermond, his hometown, he restored the Munsterkerk and built the Kiosk (gazebo) on Munsterplein. He also designed and built his residence and work studio. That former residence and work studio are now the Cuypershuis, a contemporary and modern museum about the work and live of architect Pierre Cuypers.

Visit the Cuypershuis

7. Historiehuis Roermond

Roermond’s history is different from that of most cities in the Netherlands. For example, did you know that Roermond has been tin the hands of Spaniards, French, Austrians and Belgians, among others? Walk into the Historiehuis (history house) and be surprised. This museum is in the middle of Roermond at Neerstraat 11, in the building that also houses the library. Admission is free.

Throughout the year, there are various exhibitions in the basement.

Discover more of the history of Roermond

When in Roermond...

Wil je eens iets nieuws ontdekken? De inwoners van Roermond hebben 21 bijzondere locaties in de gemeente Roermond geselecteerd die het ontdekken waard zijn. Deze 21 locaties zijn verbonden met een fietsroute. Deze route is zo veel mogelijk gekoppeld aan het fietsknooppuntennetwerk, waardoor het een aantrekkelijke route is om te fietsen. De totale lengte van de route is 43,3 km en ligt geheel binnen de Roermondse gemeentegrenzen.

Roermond city cruise

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What are must sees in Roermond?

The best attractions in Roermond are: our Maasplassen (a big water sports area), Munsterkerk, Sint-Christoffel Cathedral and the Cuypershuis museum.

What are the most beautiful monuments in Roermond?

The most beautiful monuments in Roermond are the Munsterkerk, Sint-Christoffel Cathedral, the synagogue, the Oude Kerkhof and the monumental buildings in the Voorstad + centre.

Where is Roermond?

Roermond is located at the confluence of the rivers Roer and Maas in central Limburg (a province in the south of the Netherlands). Limburg borders the countries Belgium and Germany.

Beste museums in Roermond?

The best museum in Roermond are the Cuypershuis and Historiehuis.