Hiking and biking in Roermond

Roermond has several city walks, nature trails and the city also has a wide area with beautiful cycling routes. Indeed, relaxing comes naturally when you take in the forests, heaths and meadows. National Park de Meinweg and the Maas-Swalm-Nette area are beautiful and invite to all kinds of (sports) activities.

Walking routes in the centre of Roermond

Seeing Roermond’s city centre becomes extra fun during one of the many city walks. Stroll along the well-known and lesser-known works of architect Pierre Cuypers or get to know Roermond’s historic city centre by following an interactive monument route.

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Get on your bike and visit Roermond

When the weather is good, it is really nice to get on your bike and go out! Of course, several roads lead to Roermond. For cycling enthusiasts, we have created junction routes that will lead you to Roermond from Venlo, Panningen, Weert and Susteren (and everything in between).

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National Park De Meinweg

National Park De Meinweg is located 8 kilometres east of Roermond, about 15 minutes’ drive from the centre of Roermond (or 30 minutes by bus from the city centre). De Meinweg is part of the German-Dutch Border Park Maas-Swalm-Nette and is surrounded by Germany on 3 sides. De Meinweg covers an area of 18 km2 with a varied landscape: forests, heathland, fens and stream valleys.

Click on the button below and discover the numerous possibilities: hiking and cycling routes, bridle paths, special gnome trail for the kids and the hotspots not to be missed!

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Walking routes in the beautiful surroundings of Roermond

Instead, would you rather escape the crowds and enjoy nature? Roermond is surrounded by a ‘green’ belt, where you can take fantastic walks all year round. Enjoy the colourful landscapes, which are completely different every season. There is an extensive network of walking routes available, with numbered junctions. A great way to discover the other side of Roermond and to completely unwind.

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Cycle routes in the area of Roermond

Roermond’s surroundings are also easy to explore by bike. The roads are flat and the surroundings varied.
Enjoy the beautiful nature during a cycling trip. The cycling routes are easy to follow thanks to the numbered junctions. Tip for those who like to make the most of their cycling trip: cross the border to Germany or Belgium. Quite simply, our junction network connects to that of our neighbours. This will make your visit to Roermond even more varied.

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Roermond city cruise

Hop on the city cruise and discover Roermond, the Roer and Maasplassen from the water.

Food & drinks in Roermond

Discover the numerous restaurants, lunchrooms and terraces in Roermond.