Accommodations in Roermond

Find the best places to stay in Roermond and make the most of your trip to our city. There is so much to experience, you’ll never get it all done in one day. Combine a day of shopping with an active day on the water. Discover the historical sights or relax in nature.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in luxury and sleep in a five-star hotel, enjoy local hospitality in a bed and breakfast or settle with your family on a lovely campsite, familiy-friendly hotel or holiday park, in Roermond it is all possible!

Watch the video below and discover the hotels and Bed&Breaksfasts located in het city center of Roermond:

Hotels in Roermond

Spend the night in a former prison and 5 star hotel. Or do you prefer to stay near the station, smack dab in the middle of the city center or near the water? It’s all possible in Roermond!

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Bed & Breakfasts in Roermond

Roermond has different typse of B&B’s for you to choose: you can find anything from charming to luxurious and design, close to the train station or in the middle of a shopping street.

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Holiday park in Roermond

Resort Marina Oolderhuuske has a luxury marina, campsite and floating holiday homes. It is located on a peninsula between the river Maas and the Maasplassen. There are two types of holiday homes: the Villas and the Marina’s. The Villas are located on the fixed and higher part of the peninsula. The Marina’s are floating homes, so you can literally enjoy yourself on the water. Hence the name! All residences are suitable for 4 to 6 people.

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Food & drinks in Roermond

Discover the numerous restaurants, lunchrooms and terraces in Roermond.

Roermond city cruise

Hop on the city cruise and discover Roermond, the Roer and Maasplassen from the water.

Designer Outlet Roermond

Discover the Designer Outlet Roermond: a 3-minute walk from the city centre Roermond!


What is a child-friendly hotel in Roermond?

Hotel Valies has connected family rooms and is child-friendly with an extensive children’s play room.

What are the best hotels in Roermond?

The three best hotels in Roermond are Hotel het Arresthuis (5 stars), TheaterHotel de Oranjerie right in the centre and Hotel Roermond near het Station.

What are the best hotels in Roermond near Designer Outlet Roermond?

Hotel Dux and Hotel het Arresthuis are the best hotels closest to Designer Outlet in Roermond.

What is the best B&B in Roermond?

B&BN10 and B&B Willem II are the best B&Bs in Roermond.